Magnum Opus WIP/Sketches

Not all of your work will be a Magnum Opus.

Nothing is perfect or just right to create art. 
People tend to get stuck at 3 &4 and never stick through it to #5.

I haven't done my Magnum Opus yet but I'm striving toward it. 

So what is your Magnum Opus?

Pretty Apollo
 Tough decision deciding A or B. :/ Or mix A and B to make C. 

 Celestial Nymph 


Less than 1 1/2 Digital Ala Prima (If that term exists X])

Despite not getting much sleep and waking up a few hours later. Its not bad. 


My backup plan is I'm not good at anything else/ 

 <3 Swoozie I hope to meet him in person one day.
I'll hit you up someday. Watch out! 

Work as Slave live like a King.


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