Plan A or B? Nope none of the above erase what you have and create option C.

I was adjusting the angle and was like maybe if I just free transform (ctrl-t or cmd-t) my selection and I accidentally turned it upside down and was like wow thats more energetic let's roll with it.

This was actually done on my phone +stylus with the Corel Painter app its pretty cool and I talk about it more later.

I like to mess around and have fun with my drawings. I hope people have that feeling reverberating within in them when they see in my drawings. Practically every drawing I do I have some sort of inside joke with myself...

 A scale of how small I can sketch or doodle something in a four inch sketchbook compared to my ipod. On top of the tiny sketchbook look how even tinier my scribbles are! Less than an inch at times. Then I'm able to bring it into photoshop blow it up at a decent resolution and draw on it again digitally!
 Sketched myself in my work mode instead of being dressed up.

 Based off of a book *cough
I actually read
and random song lyrics notes.

My friend was so touched by this so I decided to re-post it. 

One of my favorite songs actually. 


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