Favorite Video Game OSTs

In one of the numerous making of video game movies this one video

Someone said Video Game music is designed to be listened to at least 60+ hours.
It has to be tolerable for a long duration of time.
(I don't remember who said this Sorry!!)

OST=Original Sound Track

E3 is around the corner! Next week!!!
People ask me this and at times I cannot make a list on the spot. Here it is. 

Okage:Shadow King

One of my top 3 video games of all time. I like the whimsical wacky art style and the music. One of the first two games we owned for the Ps2.
After owning a Sega Genesis and game boy color for so long.
It was a leap in graphics. Pixels to 3d models.

Full Ost can be listened here
Click on the Youtube icon and there is a full playlist

My favorite song in the game...
They rarely played it only for certain boss moments

My current ringtone on my phone because its really loud. 

This is actually Rosalyn's theme when she appears out nowhere

Men of various romantic interest have had this ringtone 
because this guy's a weirdo in the game. 
This charcter's hobby is talking to and admiring women 
along with clipping his toe nails. X] Gross

No More Heroes

One of my top 5 favorite games. It's really fun.

An okatu buys a beam katana from ebay and needs money to supports his habits so he decides to be an assassin! Funny and serious game like the title implies it has nothing to do with saving the world for once. You just want to become #1 assassin and attract this one chick. But the plot becomes more twisted and complicated than that.

Full OST

This theme is addicting you find yourself humming all 8 versions of the theme.

The theme is listed as Zako 1,2,3 etc but this mix is called Beam Katana Chronicles.

Magic Show is like my favorite from this game. I didn't notice the track when I played the game because this plays in the background of one of the most annoying bosses in the game that the voice actor of this boss sounded like Barney the Dinosaur. 
The wacky part job mini games.

Devil May Cry series

This game defined the stylized fighting genre. So some people get all upset when Dante doesn't have white hair in the latest installment.

The main character Dante is bad@%& with leather red coats fighting demons and being a cocky SOB.

The music is metal rock with some electronica.
One of the few games I will sway back and fourth and sing along in an imitated creepy voice.

In the first game I remember fighting cougar babies These were like the toughest enemies in the entire series! Because they had this chain spike move with instant death!!

The flinch in your eye calls you bluff... 
Feel free to drown when you had enough.

Now you have really crossed the line~ Your hate for me is divine.

The intro is a bit long and most of the time you've defeated all the enemies before the vocals come in except the occasional the time has come...
The time has come and so have I. I'll laugh last~

Legend of Zelda: Ocarnia of Time

OoT for short

Again one of my top 3 favorite video games of all time. (*claps a pun intended)

And all of my friends who claim they are a gamer and never have played it well your front'in and many will agree as well. I'd say get a life and play this game.
You got N64, Gamecube version, and a 3ds remake so choose. There are options and no excuses.

I've unlocked everything in the game except one glass bottle because there is a poe glitch that prevents me from getting the poe. >:(  Darn you Poe and this was back in my completionist days. Where I'd play the smack out of a game and unlock everything. I'm considered a Speed runner now.

Only problem with the soundtrack there isn't any full versions of the songs you play in game. Like 17 seconds!


My best friend of 16 years has this ringtone. I got them into Legend of Zelda in 7th grade. I lent them this game even when they refused at first because they didn't think it was cool. 

I still crack jokes that they never beat the game Legend of Zelda: Majora's mask and it's been over 10 years.... That game is like the hardest puzzle game ever with no glitches. The puzzles are challenging.
My friend A was like you are cheater because you used Gamefaqs and I was like well at least I'm not a quitter for not beating it. Do I have to go over to your state that you live in and beat it for you? I was so tempted to mail out one of my old memory cards just because.

Addictive tune.


I absolutely love the remixed classic music for the puzzle stages.

Chopin I grew up with Chopin. 

Sonic the Hedgehog:1

Grew up with this game.  And made an quite an impression on me.

I remember my older adopted cousin used to be so good at this game. I learned some nifty tricks in the game to make myself better at it. 
 I got the handheld ds version of the game when I turned 18 and was able to actually beat it.

I deconstructed this game back then. I would beat all the monsters on the level and then have Sonic sit still on screen while I listened to the game music and drew the background of the game. I did this with a Robotnic boss fight. I'd beat him but not do the final blow because he was harmless. 

Honorable mentions

Someone once described this game You are beating up Corrupted Angels while giddy pop music is playing in the background. Its a different take on the Stylized Fighting genre and it its not nitty gritty like DMC and GOW. This game is funny in what it does its not really serious at all,

god of war -this song makes you feel like a bas@$** when playing this game dum dun dun da na nuh
Nothing like playing the game with the stereo cranked up and this song comes up.
Most gamers recognize the theme even without playing this game.

Streets of Rage

My sister and I would play this game together and it had friendly fire we used to beat each other up just for kicks and competition. 

One Youtuber comment I saw before said this should totally be club music.

Is a unique game that is single player but if you are connected online there is a chance you may meet another player along the distance. If you do come in contact with another player you can only communicate with song and dance. And you cannot see their gamer tag till the end of the game. 
The orchestral music pulls a lot of feel strings so I don't play it much. 

A huge portion of my childhood was lost while playing these two games.

What the song was really meant to sound like.
I so wished that this version played when I defeated all the kids in my neighborhood back in the day. I was so good no one dared to challenge or play with me after a while. 


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