Just don't feel like it (Sometimes)

Honestly sometimes one does not feel like creating.
You don't feel like it.
That's fine take a break.
Over a period of time if its more play time than work then you are just slackin'.

I'm not perfect and yes there are those highs and lows. But we deal and carry on.

I think it helps when you tell people some of your dreams and goals. Some people will try to push you and lift you up on the journey.

Even the simplest question of what you are working on or the status and progress of one's project is motivation I think.

Some of my ultimate dreams I cannot share them yet until its done... And it's way out of the box of what I thought I was ever capable of doing. Only a handful know one of the things I'm really doing. The biggest project I'm working on if I say what it is I'll get skeptics so I humor people by not telling them some of the things I am really up to.

Don't use the excuse oh I don't have any friends who believe me...I'm forever alone. Blah Blah blah.
There has to be someone you admire whether it is a movie star, artist, musician or somebody you would wish you can talk to. I don't know about you but after the initial jitters I'd like to have an intriguing conversation that isn't a waste of time or dead boring.

Before when I was alone and didn't have any cool art friends I would dream of talking to people I admired like Tahra, James Paick,Android Jones, Jason Chan, Karla Ortiz , Hiroaki Samura and Massive Black That's to name a few.
Even my non-artist friends inspire me at times.

I've meet people who I have been a fan of and only saw their art through books, magazines, and online.

I got invited to this one artist's studio I was a rabid fan of and got my portrait painted. :)
I promised not to post it online but who knows if at a later time I can ask.

Ambitious people like to be around other ambitious people.
Spread enthusiasm around its contagious caught on to the right people.

Yeah you don't feel liking creating at times but hopefully at some point you will.

I find inspiration in all sorts of things. Magnetic manikins are awesome.

New word onomateopoeia 

I don't know how to describe it is like melodically hypnotic?  Kind of like Walk the Moon : Talking is Hard got addicted to Walk the Moon, after a 5 hour car ride with a friend. Normally I complain about lack of 90's jams but I did not. A little 80's flair.


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