Baking Skillz: Pineapple Upside Down Cakes

This past week I made and ate so much pineapple upside down cake. I am so sick of my own cake. I made 4 mini loaf cakes, 1 bundt pan cake, and 24 cupcakes that I just finished making on 3 different occasions. I had a little bit of cake each batch of cake I made. Most of it I gave away.  It I haven't made cake in awhile and I totally went overboard.

Another hobby of mine besides art and anything art related is baking. I baked my first cake with my sister when I was 8. Took home economics in middle school when I was 11. Then starting baking exclusively from scratch when I was 14 and 11 years later I still do. It really isn't hard to bake from scratch. When people ask why I do what I do when it is easier to bake from the box I say passionately, "Screw Betty Crocker!" I really don't remember when I started saying that.

For the most part I am laissez-faire about everything even art. I am not a perfectionist unless if I am the boss of something or cooking. There have been times where if something looked bad but tasted good I would't serve it.

The first time I made pound cake it had the consistency of corn bread. It was course and dry. I hated it but my family insisted it was good and still ate it. I felt terrible feeding them that cake I wanted to throw it away. Or another time I made a breakfast sandwich, it was supposed to be romantic but when I put it together it looked awful because I was trying to pile up more food on it and it didn't work. In the end I threw it away because it wasn't working. It is better to seem like a douche for making a sandwich for myself instead of serving it. I am more critical of cooking then my own artwork. That is why I never pursued being a professional chef or  patissier.

I get praised for my soft moist cakes. Every time I bake something one of my friends is like you should get this invested on shark tank. It took years to perfect, but I am confident I can bake a lot of things. I met a home cooking enthusiast a while back and the method I use when I cook is called instinctive experimental cooking. I don't exactly measure at times and don't follow recipes to a T. If there is something I can add that I sense from smell or taste I'll add it. At times it is hard to share my recipes.

This video is interesting how it defines Western & Eastern cooking styles. Everyone is a bit of both but I lean more to the Eastern style. 

I like to use as a resource. I even got the ap. They revamped their website and finding recipes even better. This past week I've been printing out recipes and making my own cookbook.

 I joke that when I work I am like a hurricane I am fast and messy. 


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