What Happened to July...?

Well said Swoozie! The story of
my social media habits!
Where has July gone? I'm not sure where it went.
I just remember going out on July 4th and then...

What happened? July vanished.

I am still trying to wrap my head around it.

Last month sometime I think around the second week. I don't remember. It was a blur.

So on the road to recovery I was at physical therapy and I did this exercise with a new physical therapist who just started working at this location. It wasn't the one I had been working with. That one exercise I hurt my other left bicep/shoulder along with eliminating months of progress of the right shoulder I was originally being treated for... The irony. It was really bad I had to go have another doctor visit and I was out for about 10 days! It still hurts even today. But not as soul crushing as before.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to draw much. :'(

I really hope my situation turns around soon.

This last week or so I've noticed online there is this idk trend where people redraw something old they did. Like entire compositions. I used to do that all the time to track progress. Thing is if you that too much you won't have time to create new fresh ideas and work!

 Originally called Coco with a shotgun. But I redesigned the character and changed the name. Coco was from some off color red that was french that was Cocoliquet and then I lost the proper spelling. I realized the name did not have much impact for this character so I changed it to Alizarin Red. I have a series that one day I would like to make into a graphic novel that has these characters that have bits of color in their name. Although the proper term is Alizarin crimson I kept consistency for the primary color red.

Alizarin was one of the characters difficult to design to have the personality and the look match.
Originally she was a vamp but I thought she probably won't command as much respect if she was as a boss.

She is an informant and information broker. I figured instead of business clothes sweat clothes would be better if you had to run and had your life constantly on the line.
WIP 75% done
It is something it still amazes me that scribbles become something. 

I really ruined this with muddy colors. This was from 2011

The first 20% and the last 15% of a painting is the most difficult.
Every painting has an ugly phase until it gets refined and the last bit is when 
do you call a work of art done? 

As to me the seemingly pessimistic quote of Leonardo da Vinci
"Art is never finished, but abandoned."

Unlike most people I do the face last. 
Nothing more terrible than a well rendered face in a background 
and composition that doesn't work well with it.

i mind

If I wasn't an artist I would've been a film editor.


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