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First Post of March I meant to do last month! Here it is!

Thank you! So much!  


Long way in the day. I thought it would be cool and one of my first goals to have at least one viewer per day. I get multiple visits per day now on average. Last month in January I reached record breaking views and the month before most views in a single day. Each month I have been getting record breaking views that keeps doubling. I mean I got my wish of 365 views last month.

It has been a rough 3 or so years keeping this up on a bi-weekly or weekly basis by myself. Sometimes I get tired or think my point isn't being displayed clearly and the classic question why am I doing this?
Forgot what season this is but this was Sterling from the tv show Hell's Kitchen. He was annoying at times but had relevant information at times. 

Last week I talked to someone I haven't talked to in awhile and it was encouraging that although we haven't spoken for a long time they believed in me and my goals. For some reason artists have the stigma of being dumb and sometimes that changes one's perception of me. A long time ago I was told a story if you have a gift use it....if you don't you pay the consequence and price of not using your given gift with misery and other such things.

I have a lot of interesting topics that I have not published or have done drafts for. Stay tuned for a lot of numerous things in store.

I have been behind on release dates but I am working on a lot of new opportunities.

Usually a Kiriban comes with a picture....

There was this special picture I was working on between projects for the kiriban and have the intial idea and thumbnail out.

I was thinking the theme of the piece would be Bushido or the heart of it. I haven't really drawn any samurais and thought it would be different than just drawing katanas, Odachis and ninjas.
 I can't find my original sketch after looking for it...time to make another one.

WIP-Work in Progress

This is what I have so far. I think it lacks substance. There is no narrative.  
I'm not sure the reason yet he is hoping around in the woods for?

Not sure what is he fighting or running from? Even this little bit adds to the image.

Working with digital mediums is part of my process now even if it is traditional.
 It had changed the way I sketch. I used to fill volumes of sketchbooks in no time unless I have a specific idea or thumbnail I'll sketch something fully like this Satsuki sketch from Kill la Kill. For now for thumbnail generation is still done traditionally with edits made in Photoshop.

I'll explain some other time what I am doing and how and why so. 

From my favorite show Fated to Love You (Taiwanese Version)
Have been re-watching it for the last couple of months instead of binge watching it like before.
It is now available on youtube.  

Keep on doing what you. At times along the way one gets discouraged or lose site of what their original intention or goal. Leonardo Da Vinci once said, "Paintings are never finished only abandoned." That is a depressing thought and wow nothing will ever be truly be completed. My interpretation of this I literally have thousands of drawings in my hard drive that I have not completed but want to. Recently I saw a panel with Ross Tran and he had some work he started years ago, stopped and continued later to finish the artwork. I found this inspiring and not to beat myself up for all the unfinished work I had.

I like to use Prismacolor brush and Copic Markers for these quick pose sketches. I prefer the grip on the prismacolor's barrel for quick musings and Copics for serious long term rendering.

Tip: Use other colors other than black to see any overlapping in shapes in lines. Don't use too light of a color to. 

One example of an old sketch and re-refining it later is this image I remember there was a blizzard outside and I looked out the window and just imagined this scene. What if someone was out there at this moment in this weather walking through and a female death spirit is encircling this weary dude and enticing him... I have fleshed it out more with a refined sketch a few times and don't feel like I did it justice! One of these days I'll capture the raw emotion I originally felt!

My current jam.


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