Hired Saturday Portrait Model

On  Saturdays I get to do some pretty interesting things. I used to never get them off and for the last couple of years I have been able to. I have a lot of interesting stories like the time I went to the local art store afterwards I bought a tube a paint and then my friend from the drawing group went to the store too after seeing him eariler that day. The shopkeepers gave us a free tube of Torrit Grey paint and when he left, the shopkeeper gave me another free tube of a vibrant color. I am blessed to be around good people.

So the other week I didn't sleep in until Saturday and even then around 10am I was like I need to go to the drawing group late at a decent time. So I rolled out of bed put a hat on got my paints and I was good to go.

 So I arrived about 20 minutes late and I noticed the person who oversees the group was wandering around with their phone in my mentor's living room. She looked at me as I struggled to bring in my stool, paintbox, palette and easel. Happily she exclaimed Do you want to model because so and so ignoring us? I was like I guess I mean I don't look great now.

It is very rare to have models stand us up with no notice or even with a notice. Happens no more than twice a year.

If I had known I was randomly selected to model I would of put an more interesting t-shirt on. At the time I just wore a hat and a wrinkled t-shirt and I didn't tell anyone about me literally rolling out of bed until last week.
These t-shirts are from threadless. A lot of people take notice to
what I have and compliment on my t-shirts even when I don't care to be noticed

Sometimes when we have an awol model I will decline because I want to draw or they want me to pose nude and that is just awkward...in front of all of my friends.

The coolest part of it all was I bought a microwave the day before after months of not having one in my new place. I told everyone that it fine because I'm getting reimbursed for that microwave. :< Since I told everyone my microwave story they gave me extra money for the modeling fee to cover the cost the of the microwave. I am blessed to be surrounded by good people.  TT__TT   Very rarely tip when unless someone is really awesome at posing (*which I am | Insert bragging rights) I don't move, I claim part of it is because I know what is expected and also I used to do acting.
I don't like to do it but I can pretend to be sick in front of you all day and be convincing. Some of my other stories are secret, a lot of people wanted me to pursue a career in acting. Story for another day.

I was like everyone made me look good! Despite not looking good!

Last year I also had the privilege of posing for Sherrie McGraw. I went over to her studio. She is selective with her models and have to be a pleasant person to be around. This painting was done in watercolor in less than 3 hours!

I used to listen to this when I was 12, 12 years ago on yahoo launch

I'm tired of no progression and promises that they have no intention of ever fulfilling.
At this point I can go either way with each decision without looking back and no regrets unless convinced otherwise. 


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