Help! Fix my Wacom Tablet!

"The Scream" by Edvard Munch
Its meaning and original German title is
"The scream of nature" in this case
This is the Scream of Technology. 
A few weeks ago I was convinced my wacom intous 4 tablet was broken with no way to repair it again. I own a wacom intuos pro large and an intuos 3 medium. The life span of these objects are supposedly 6 years. For some reason the newer models for me usually hiccup in about 2 years. This has happened to the Wacom Intuos 4 and recently the Wacom Pro 5 large tablet.

I used to pronounce this as Wack'em tablet but it is a Asian word so it is Way com.

A design flaw in these newer model of tablets  is the charge usb port dis-engages inside the tablet. I had this happen twice. I had it happen again last year with only owning the Intuos 5 for about a year.
This Post about broken samsung tablet was originally longer denoting my wacom situation. I did not really explain it and the manufacturer's warranty is actually 2 years. I sent it in the good folks at wacom repaired my tablet within a timely manner of a week. Customer service was friendly and courteous.

Compare the Intuos 3 medium tablet and the Intuos 5 Large tablet. 

In comparison the active area on the Intuos 5 is almost the same size as the entire medium tablet itself. I have gotten used to using my entire draw when I work on the computer. 

Well the issue happened again about a year later. I did not have over hundred dollars at the time to send it off for repair.

Here is the solution I have found to fix your wireless wacom tablet. 

No fear! This guy is awesome for figuring this out! Because I don't want to drop $120 Cheddar for now!

 The link on the descrption expired. So I had to do some some research.

Here Here

I moved the stand around to fit the battery. Rubber banded so it could stay attached. My first attempt, after walking away for 5 minutes nothing charged I realized I did not push the pins to the - and + charges.

Pins aligned correctly and red light to display charging.

Take a nap and its all done! Takes about a few hours.
Spending $40 on another battery is better than paying $120 in repairs and shipping!
A single charge yields about 8 hours of active drawing time. Does not include standby and time out mode.

The reason I have multiple items of the same is my dad drilled it into my head always have two of everything. Because one of things can break and you can continue to work no work stopage. Reason being one time he had a studio session with some people, a few days prior my dad went to a computer fair and the road was bumpy and it damaged his computer. (This was before laptops were really commercial like 18 something years ago. Huge bulky desktop, CRT monitors and such) That was not good. So I caution have two of everything..

Now that the Wacom tablet is fixed we can draw in Photoshop again!

I started watching Ross Draws on Youtube.
 That Wacom Cintiq HD just can't stop looking at it and drooling. That Cintiq!
Love his enthusiasm and hyperness when doing studio time. 

If I had $2k and some more to drop I would get a cintiq. 

Fun fact: I look like Korra from Avatar: The Legend of Korra if I straighten my hair and get blue contacts. I never cos-played before but I would be her. I like her character but dislike the show she is in. If I play video games with people I can get like her in obliteration mode.


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