Glass Drafting Table & Led Lights

Hello here is a random fact for today.

I'm writing another intricate tutorial it takes more than a week to write, demonstrate and take pictures. Hopefully I'll have this tutorial out sometime this next weekend or early next week.

Last year I bought this glass drafting table. With the intention that someday I would find a led light large and bright enough to create a huge light table.

About a few months ago I bought this 40 inch slim led light from Blick that was on clearance.

 Light tables are used to trace something like a sketch to a finer piece of paper. Since I don't own a awesome Espon Wide format printer (I can operate one and fix one though!) I have found a workaround.  I've learn some printing techniques to accommodate my style of a mixed media artist. I like to mix digital and traditional methods and bounce back and fourth between them.

Some tools in your arsenal aren't manufactured and you have to come up with them on your own.

Random 2-5 minute doodle sketches done in Photoshop done while listening to a show.

Interesting note This was the first Grouch track I listened to. Every time I listen to this song without fail it shuffles and appears randomly when I live by myself. When you live by yourself it is strange to hear other people unless expected.  It tricks me every single time because I think someone is there when no one else is around but myself.


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