If you have missed the Solar Ecipse, Paseo, And the Society of Portrait Artists

I've talked to some people and some saw it some didn't and others were obstructed by clouds.
Others didn't read the maps right. I might not be able to read a road map but I can read a star map. I would've been a great sailor back in the day...
So if you missed the Lunar eclipse which at its full only lasted a few hours. Don't panic there is the internet.

The Paseo: I was hyped about it initially but it was a success in some aspects and not so impressive in other parts. Its a relatively new thing so it has growing room. The turn out was astronomical but the art show had a good amount of foot traffic but more people were focused on the light show. To keep up with the Christmas analogy it was like all the flashy stuff is nice in all but the true meaning of Christmas and the event is the art show.

There was a spider installation and there was a Dj on top. I hated what they were playing so I didn't stick around to that for long. I'm not afraid to leave people behind.

Mine is the dark piece in the right hand corner.

I am part of the Taos Society of Portrait Artists. On Saturday mornings we get together and draw from life and draw a variety of people's portraits. So last Saturday as part of the Fall Arts Show in Taos we did a demonstration of what we normally do in front a crowd in the Guadalupe Gym where the Select show was held at.

I haven't drawn in public as much in a long time yet alone not in front of a crowd! Since I was in the back of the group there were a few people who stood behind and also got really close when I was drawing! I actually didn't freeze and get terribly nervous since I was in concentration focus mode. There were some really brave people that weaved in our group and talked to the more talkative artists.

I've done a couple of these graphite drawings and then later I'll apply fixative and do an oil painting.

Also watch out and take a peek at Inktober. Its fantastic and its barely week 1.


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