Drawing Groups, Happy Hour & Maya

Around my area there are 3 drawing groups at different times and different locations once a week.
What we call drawing groups is a group of people meet at a location hire almost anyone who would like to model and draw from a live model. The reason we group together so its relatively inexpensive to hire a model like $6-$10 per session for one person to pay out of pocket.

Drawing from life is essential in artistic growth: one learns to analyze, deconstruct and reconstruct what is seen before them. Painting from photographs is fine but can lose an element of depth if one just primarily paint from photographs. Also improving and adding on to your visual vocabulary can help diversify you art work.

One thing I was told a long time ago Artists are mediums. They are just a catalyst of what the spirit wants us to do. I'm just a vessel to make people aware of their surroundings that they seem to miss or make aware of certain things. I live in a fantastic fantasy world. It is also the reason some people are jealous and harmful to artists because of the power of imagination and such and being in touch with their inner most sensitive feelings and utilizing those emotions.

I'm hyped that in the almost four years I have been going to them consecutively and for the first time if I want I can attend all 3. Most of the time I can go only to 2 if I have time. But now starting in October I can attend all 3 if I want.

So I can sketch cool things out of my head sometimes just because I can re imagine some of the things I have seen before.
I don't really understand sports but I can understand the analogy of bench warmer. In middle school I was so terrible at basketball the P.E teacher actually preferred me to sit out. There are times I am busy and cannot go and in the end I look at the clock and get distracted.
Kids that is totally apple juice. *cough
It's weird when I don't go I look at the clock and say man its 7:30pm? What is everyone doing?  8:47 I bet everyone they are in middle of a 25 minute pose. I should've went my deadline is a bit away or I'm not that tired. It helps to be around your peers to get that energy and vibe in what you are doing you are not alone in your craft.

In the evening group sometimes some of us bring things for happy hour. Not something heavy like Jack, Once in awhile we share stuff and it does calm the nerves a bit but then again makes some people too happy and carried away and the next day the drawing you thought was awesome was quite terrible indeed.

These were done this Thursday

These were done? I don't know sometime ago.
Sketch of another colored pastel image I posed before.

This one I made a joke to the model about aiming this bow at this one dude set up near me. So F could feel pressured and I suggested to the model to have a mean scowl as well. It was hard to keep a straight face and not laught for 10 minutes what I attempted to draw. 

And this Saturday the portrait group is going to do something special. I might have time to write about it the same day or not but I'll keep events updated. I used to not get off on Saturdays but now I can attend the group and have time left over.

Also I've been learning to use the 3d modeling program Maya. A long time ago I got the trial and attempted this looked at the 4 screens and promptly exited out and uninstall the program. I was not ready at the time and did not have a firm grasp of how to use Corel Painter or Photoshop in an efficient manner.

Now its a bit of a curveball but once I figure out my similar shortcuts to a program it transfers over like Adobe Premiere and inDesign.

For example I use the spacebar to pan around a screen in PS in Maya it is the ctrl button and the mouse.

I don't know how to make shapes yet but I manipulated some set shapes to recreate a reference image.


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