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It's the end of November where have I been? I've been catching up with: sleep, deadlines, balancing things out and well....the rest is secret.

Everyone has their highs and lows. I try to be mainly positive but I have to admit I haven’t painted oil on canvas for about 5 months.  I’ve been down, busy and most of the typical excuses.  Yadayada
Sometimes you are tired and have to push through and hang in there! Just because you are having a bad day don't spread the negativity around!

As one of my friends used to say when asking what are you doing? "Eh Sometding?" and I reply "Nawthing" Up to Nawthing.

I had a few posts planned and I wanted to release but…TBA

It occurred to me when I briefly visited my dad on Thanksgiving and when I walked out the back door he said, “Amumh ma ah ang en dere!” I have relatively bad hearing. And I exclaimed “Huh! What?! What’d you say” and he was actually said “kick ass! You can do it. Hang in there!”

Sometimes those are the words you need to hear. I told him I will. What he mentioned was part of a saying of a quote I think I made up. If you disagree you can tell me privately and that is alright, I won’t be offended. If so I'll be honored to see who first made it up.

Anyway when I was taking Color Theory from the Academy of Art University I was tired of it kicking my ass. I turned almost everything on time and every thing I did was rejected. Anyone from that school will tell you Color Theory is one of the most difficult classes to take.  I wrote on my board and I think I wrote it on one of my old blogs, “I’m tired of getting my ass kicked. Imma kick (their) ass instead” So take it to heart when you seem beat all seems to be down. Remember you can get up from where you are and do something. You may not be able to control all the circumstances around you but you can control your response to that action.

One quote my dad always says besides the “Past does not equal the future” Is also “With every adversity comes with a seed of a equal or greater benefit." So there is something to be learned with every situation.

It was a tough during that time, physically and emotionally. I almost died twice during that time. I saw the lights at the end of the tunnel one light one dark. But hey during those times I can see color. I can stare at a white wall and see all the colors within it. It isn’t white or the fact I can look at a black curtain and see what every bit of color. Technically in color theory black and white are not colors.

 I can stare at a blank field and I cry sometimes because I see the beauty of all the colors and how they flitter and dance in front of me. Nobody can see them only me or sometimes people with trained eyes. Not every artist can see color it is a gift. Or even the fact if you can see it can you bring the emotion in it. It is my job to highlight and bring color in people’s life.
                                    A bit of color theory madness from back then.
                          Usually as the night wears on more caffeinated drinks would be noticeable
                          I was working with gouache and it is more than a pain than acrylic paint!

Another thing I’ve said even before that when I was about 10. I was drawing this shark comic. If I find it its not funny but to a ten year old it is.
“Im like a shark nobody sees me coming but when I arrive I will open my jaws and chomp the competition and take them all out.”

I say that because I’ve always been the one that they called: dumb, ugly, stupid, people would not call me by name, and something strange and off about her because I always had a sketch book in my hand. Doodling. Head in the clouds. Nobody was afraid to say this to my face. And would even tell me to be like other people and not be myself.

But now it’s the opposite: smart, brilliant, innovative and beautiful. I’m still not used to these comments but I’ll take them. And also people are now curious to see what I have in my sketchbook, what projects I’ve working on, and what pictures I have taken with my camera. People even like my cloud pictures!
 Sorry people who take pictures of random ones I only like to take pictures of cumulus clouds!
                                                  Little Pico is a song by Raujika I
                                          think that song alone can be made into a game!

I’ve made a postcard about 5 years ago and someone told me when and if I get famous or something they would sell if for a million dollars. I told them it is not possible because I own the copyright. They got a little sad and I was actually joking about that and signed the front. I believe that is the only one I signed the front of.

So it comes to a surprise to when I do something to people who expect me to fail because of my past and being raised by a single father with no mother. People who knew me at my darkest times don’t want to see me now.

It ain’t that bad!  As people always say. I always tell them it’s still bad though!
So I painted this like 5 months ago didn’t think it was hot and didn’t share it but its not that bad.

In case your wondering
 If I had a past life I totally was a ninja.
If I was an animal I was shark. I’m a shark.

Some people use the season Spring for a chance to get a fresh start. Well in the Fall I get this feeling to start anew. I go through all my things and organize them like Spring cleaning but for fall.

I’ve got most of my friends since September on this idea of #freshstart. Getting rid of old ideas, habits, stale unreliable boyfriends, and moving to another place. In a sense a fresh start. Yay for fresh starts. Fresh perspectives 
As my friend's aunt says out with the people who weren't there and in with the people who stayed around! 

                                                 One of my favorite songs

I’m excited I’m working on this really cool project with my special friend D. I’m not name dropping anything. But i’m glad to be a part of this project. Because of what he is doing and it incorporates #freshstart. I decided to do something similar to what he is doing right now. Bounce ideas and inspiration back and forth. But you’ll see some of a glimpse of #freshstart soon.

Themesong drop. I've played all these songs probably 200+ times.  I always listen to these songs back to back they are not the same when you just listen to one. I remember crusing town with my sister after I graduated Highshcool blasting thsese two songs.

Also my website is down for maintence will be up probably in a a few weeks ;) stay tuned thank you/

I hope to encourage other fellow artists and people in general.
When I am asked what is my life ambition its World Domination. Why stop and limit your ambition when you can take over the world? Help me out and try to take the world.


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