Beyond the Boundry~Deadlines

I have a massive explosion of deadlines piled up practically because I've been moving to a new spot.
So one thing about catching up with deadlines I like to watch some movies and a morbid amount of of tv shows. Movies are ok but they tend to have a short storyline and tend to capture one's attention for a few hours. T.V I have an ongoing storyline that works well with marathon painting and drawing. Especially if the series is finished or well on its way to the season finale. Cliffhangers stink.

Like I have mentioned before I like psychological thrillers, and such. My favorite genre because normally I cannot guess the plot and ending of a show. Most movies I can tell what is going to happen from the beginning. Normally I just keep these thoughts to myself. Not to spoil it unless its terribly bad and will crack jokes about it like the recent remake of Godzilla. I'm convinced the recent character design of Godzilla is based off a bear. He moves like that nobody believes me.

Before and After.

Look at dem hips! And the way he holds his claws! Bet if I ask the Concept Artist what the contemporary Godzilla design was based off of I bet he'd say something about a bear! t
My friend got me into this show The Killing. First I was hesitant to watch but its good if one likes detective dramas. Grimm is another good one.

I like anime and I am not afraid to say I am an otaku. Some people have a problem with that and some others well don't. I frankly don't care. Haters gon' Hate.

Practically one of my favorite pastimes is surfing Youtube. I like to find music and shows or small clips. I'm not much for the dumb videos that everyone watches like lol kitties and people doing weird things. I was late into the game when Gangnam style came out. I really do not like techno. If it plays I will not hesitate from walking off any dance floor. Anyways my sister made me sit down and watch the entire thing without leaving. It was terribly dreadful.

One anime I have just finished is called Beyond the Boundary or Kyoukai no Kanata. First I just watched it for the animations but the characters are interesting. The lead female protaganist Mirai has the power to wield her blood into a powerful crimson blade while wearing glasses. Akhito loves megane. Girls in glasses. First you think he is kidding of his love of megane but you soon discover he isn't. There are the Nase siblings where one has a complex for his younger sister and the other just always says insulting things.

I don't have T.V or cable just a good monitor and internet.  So recently I've been watching shows on my computer and when I see something that I like I screenshot it. Some have beautiful compositions that mean something and well others probably just have dialog going on for them.

This is from the anime Blast of Tempest. Not a big fan of the main character but whatever. This is one of the supporting characters that thought it was real hilarious when he drop kicked this chick in the face.

Another anime I have also finished recently is Kill la Kill which were from the creators of Gurren Lagann Tengen Toppa. They were known for their over the top sense of going way over logic and sensibility. Once you find out what the show is about and its main theme its very unusual and whimsically serious.

Heard this from somewhere "If you cryin' you ain't tryin'."
By the way Mako has the best suit in the show.

As Sheldon from the show The Big Bang Theory will say "Go team Leonard go!"

Back to meeting deadlines on time.
I believe deadlines are like this...=Dead on the line.

So there's several shows I haven't finished so lets get cracking and back to work.

I'm either cranking up the radio like always to be entertained or shows in japanese or english.

4th Wall pt. 2 Tracks  Disguises by Soliloquists of Sound


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