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Nothing like Vacay. Vacation. I'm on vacation. It feels so right. Sorry for the absence. Visited family in Colorado. Relaxing. Make time for yourself and take a vacation. I have a few days left. After this time is up I'll be back swinging it 100%.

About twice or more a year I go on field trips. Whether it being wandering around with a camera or going to a museum counts. Normally I just go by myself because when I bring people along they get bored. They don't see what I see until I show them the final result.

One Time and the last time I was in South Colorado I felt experimental while driving 100mph on a practically deserted road. I burst shot a ridiculous amount of pictures. I bet nobody would want to be in a car with me if i ever do that stunt again.

??? No idea where I was with these. Except somewhere south. Funny how in some of the reflections you can see my hands holding the camera.

 It was nice on my birthday I was able to attend the Nicolai Fechin show at the Taos Art museum. I didn't have much time to stare at things for an excessive periods of time. Had to be somewhere in less than an hour. I took quick pictures of what I liked. So I'll have to visit again before the exhibition is over. It was interesting Fechin's work hasn't been pooled into all in one place in a long time. Most of the pieces were on loan from private collections. Can't beat a $5 show.

Press the above link to get the general gist of who this guy is.

 Fechin was the precursor before the Taos 6 and Georgia O'kfee. Phenomenal. I was told it looks like just splooshes of paint but it isn't. Each stroke was methodically placed in a sequence-like-trance he would get into. Beautiful.
Just found out about this dude this year and I would like to introduce his work to you.

The real version of a painting does not compare to a reproduction. Seeing the live version sensing the emotion, feeling, chroma of the color and spirit inside the painting just being around it is uplifting.

I got this postcard from the reception desk. And quite frankly it could be better. The color doesn't capture the essence of the painting.  Disappointing the color could have been corrected to match. I am glad to see the real thing. It'll be forever be imprinted in my memory.

Even online one can tell the difference in quality in the original and the reproduction.

For more of this adventure here is all of the pictures from this trip.

Also download extras on my website through

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Thanks for your support. Enjoy.

90's beats are hip. Despite what the kids say now and days.

Anthem and theme of my (love) life.

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