Talked too much the last several times so Shush. And mum is the word.

I have this sticker pasted on my computer. This is a picture from the past. But its battle scared and worn now.

I got this from the Massive Black workshop in SF a few years back. Initially I just wanted the stickers. The guy from Steambot Studios was like you only get the stickers with the bag. The bag looked expensive but it wasn't. Only $5!!! Glad my buddy asked how much it was.

I'm working on this really cool project. And if I mention it there is a high probability that it will be copied. So shush your lips and do the Hellen Keller and talk with your hips. Just kidding. Life is a musical and its fun to sing and dance along sometimes. And if not your a grouch just standing on the side just being a grouch.

Some Paint stuff and honestly I liked it better in the middle step. Glad I took progress shots.

So shh...Get back to work. And...
Sipag at Tiyaga. 
Hard work and Perseverance. 


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