Paint Steps

Haven't gotten this process down. Still Hit and Miss. More missing than hits. Oh well we learn. Been bummed my favorite eye candy site Cghub has been down. :'/ They haven't made a public announcement weather its been affected by Heartbleed, Hacked or down for good.

Apparently it got shut down due to "personal" reasons. Pffft. How unprofessional. Without any notice for like a week! How unprofessional. Its not cool. A disappointment.  Got a lot of hits on that site and some people even lost artwork on there. And was a part of daily dose of awesomely awesome art. I got several people addicted to that site its real easy to click on things and keep clicking. There isn't anything out there that has an easy interface.

To make up for its heres a ton of images to slow down your computer. Be Warned it will seriously slow it down.

My Paint steps or mis-steps....

The newest painting I done about 3 weeks ago? I think. Is this Hebrew guy whose name in English means Happiness. Ever since then I've been on a downward spiral and hopefully soon I'll pick myself up again.




Sophie. Totally messed around on this one. Keep cracking jokes it looks like the little girl in the opening scene of Walking Dead season 1. My teacher was not amused.


Newer works

Rembrandt Study WIP.


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