Feel the burn!

Eh why bother? Is a question that comes up often when your tired and trudging through. Why bother when maybe this time its not a breakthrough and I will suffer from heartache again. Why bother? I'm tired. Why bother? I'm hungry. Why bother that distraction looks really awesome. Why bother? Why bother why?Whhhhyyyy Bother? Bother.

Bother because you never know that one time when you give it all you got can be your chance. A story I once heard about persistence. A person is hammering away at a rock trying to break it. 101 times they labored. And finally it breaks after 101 smacks.
It is revealed that in your heart you know it wasn't the 101th smack that broke the rock. But the persistent 100 times of trudging through and hanging in there is what got you there in the first place.

Feeling the Burn

Unconventionally when there is car problems one resorts back to walking. Accidentally I stated working out again. The other day I was so proud of myself that I walked/rode a bike for 4 miles. It burned. It hurt. And I wondered why? Why bother? Why put myself through this? I don't need to this. Anyone that has worked out knows that when one works out the burn they feel is the lactic acid being released.

Well I wasn't going to let car trouble hinder my artistic journey of the portrait group. So I strapped on my portfolio and perched my french easel on the bike handle bars. Midway on my journey I almost gave up took an extremely long break. It burned too much. Just sat on the side of the road in a ditch contemplating. It bothered me my mp3 player was in the car. I contemplated to go or not to go. I was close enough to go home but I knew how I would feel if I didn't go. I'll mope around and watch the clock and wonder what everyone else was doing and feel like crap.

I didn't give up. I felt better after this endevouer and be one of my when I was young stories....Something something 4 miles. Although I was laughed at and singled out when people saw me.
I bet some people were inspecting me to have a banjo on hand and a hungry dog at my heels. Oh well. Normal people usually laugh when I tell them what I'm up to. I gave up a long time ago of what people thought of what I do.

A bunch of Why Bothers this past week.
Paintings & Figure Drawings.

Once again slowing down the computers except its not as much as last time.


This is what I'm doing with my life. A dramatized super effected version of life as a digital artist. Here is Eric Lin's winning entry of Feng Zhu Design Cinema. Congratulations! Makes my heart pound every time I see it.

I've been back to doing speed paintings while watching the Big Bang Theory sitcom. It revolves around theseone w 4 genius guys who hang out and be nerds at Leonard and Sheldon's apartment. When a hot chick moves into their apartment complex across the hall things change.

Most of the science jokes I don't get but when they they do a skit about gamers and gaming habits its hilarious.

While browsing beautiful images and concept art on the internet I happen to find this short film. Can't wait for part II This video The Spaceman and the Moon

Best video of Tomas Phusion's Keep Goin' The original PS1 Resident Evil 1 style

I've once heard before if you ain't cryin' you ain't tryin' Good luck peeps.


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