Sketch@Art Dump

Sketch n' Art Dump because I've been talking too much and sharing too much. :] Springing forward with daylight savings time has been ruining my flow. It was highly ironic that I just upgraded my PS3 hardrive and on that same day my little macbook's hardrive failed and corrupted. Troubleshooting a mac is defintitely difficult. People will tell you their unyielding love of apple instead of how to fix your problem. Let's trouble shoot shall we? Not cause more frustration and anger and cause more trouble. I like both pc and mac but I won't write a whole post about it. There is a time and a place for fanboy wars.

A few digital sketches. WIP There is more interesting things I'm working on but I am not at liberty to share it because it is under NDA.

Fascinating. I'm acquainted these two people but yet I've discovered another part of their essence while analyzing them.

Last week's portrait session. Al he's a pretty funny guy but his story is interesting. Hopefully I've captured his untold story in this painting.

Katy from the week before last.


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