Art Dump Freeze-Ray

Art Dump. For the lack of art in the updates. Working on a new theme that I hope to share soon.

Figure Drawings 

I'm a fan of over-the top style assassin movies like the Bounty Killer. Overload in cheesyness but nethertheless wanted to run with my theme of lame action movies. Pt. 1 was a guy based
off of a phrase of a mix of bad Spanish, Italian, and English, "Mucho Gusto nice to killz yous. Requiscant sin Pace Bastardo." Which is "Nice to meet you. Nice to killz yous. Rest without peace bastard."

Pt. 2 Unknown female character.

Titled "Does Your Soul Cry?"
Haven't done anime style in awhile. Sketch for a marker piece in progress.
It is based off of the song "Retrograde" by James Blake. 
When I first heard it I cried. Recently heard it again the other day 
and involuntarily the same effect happened. So I sketched that feeling out. 
I hope to convey that same feeling well.  

At my New Year's party my friends and I attempted to watch many movies. Watched part of movies and didn't pay much attention what was going on before moving on to the next movie. Nothing was accomplished except singing karoke to 90's hit music and Back Street Boys. With a side track mission in doing the Gangnam style while drunken style. Which I won second place in not messing up by default.

 Back to the main point finally had time to watch one of my favorite movies that evening. That movie was Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog. It is about an aspiring villain trying to be accepted in the Evil League of Evil. While singing blog posts about his life. A short 45 minute movie on Netflix.  Its an awesome movie and I recommend it.


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