Portrait Group Paint Sketch

Hi yo! It's already halfway through the month and I haven't posted yet!
Oh man here it is nothing fancy.
Sometimes one encounters things that skakes your existence.
Overall alive and well.

Usually on Saturday the local drawing group  hosts the portrait study. This past year I haven't gone much either I sleep in and the main drawback being having a multiple shoulder injuries and carrying the equipment up two flights x2 is not appealing. Also the location changed a few months ago not being around the corner from a cafe. Need that motivation and coffee!

Well I managed to attend yesterday..In the last hour.
Achieved the best of both worlds of sleeping in and attending.

Even though I was late I was intrigued with the model brief email that stated the model had purple hair. I wasn't gonna miss that! One of the things I like the most about these groups is being around serious artists and that vibe is harmonious and serious. Intense in a good way.

It's something as an artist you use your usual techniques in a certain pattern and routine. I tried something out of habit and I was like wow cool a new technique! Just changed one way that I do things!

My less then 40 minutes (Everyone gets breaks) isn't too bad. There are things I need to fix before blocking in color.

My smallest palette and my favorite sketching one.


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