Absence Update '17

Hello it's been awhile. Perhaps maybe too much of awhile.

It's  been an interesting year so far in my personal life. Sometime I will post an updated synopsis of what I've been through. Can't give a deadline but one of these days... And what happened to the month of April? One of my friends passed away. Most of the month is a blank sheet in my memory except the emotional roller coaster that comes with grief. Sunny days do come after turbulent weather.
Can't give up hope.

Happier thoughts once again I was able to make another milestone in March with 4,444 views. With each year doubling in views! Thank you! Musings and Quips is now in the 5,000upish range.

I can't stress enough thank you for the view count and supporting me in my artistic and writing journey from all around the world.

& Best Regards

Picture taken on Pike's Peak Cog Train, Colorado Springs last summer. 


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