Espresso talk

People ask what is your artist muse?
Yes its Coffee and or caffeinated drinks or anything to get me to a level of hyperness is my main fuel in my creativity.
It's hyper activity.

I drafted a post a long time ago about this topic but never followed through. It was a pretty long post but basically described vitamin b12 is for energy. Any drink or thing that advertises energy check the b-12 content.

Some people groan when I start to talk about coffee enthusiastically but hey here is some shameless self-promotion of something I really like. Go ahead drink your tea for meditation and sit on the side if you want.
Yup got in a long winded debate with my friend GeminEye about tea vs. coffee.

One of my good friends recently got a espresso machine and posted a picture online, And I couldn't help but observe what they had and what I had also observed visiting numerous coffee shops across the country.

I used to drink coffee all the time...and still do. I drink a morbid amount. Even more so I have increased my palette with homemade cappuccinos and occasional lattes and americanos.

I Haven't really looked on how to make latte art. But with an active imagination I already see a lot in my self-made cappuccino foam.

 I drink Raspberry Dreams most of the time. It is with raspberry syrup with either mocha or white chocolate.

Also people usually crack jokes when I drink out of my christmas mugs people give me. It doesn't really matter as long as you can put a lot of coffee in it. Hey! Its Christmas everyday!

I had a fitness instructor and coach ask me what is your workout routine?
You've lost a lot of weight what do you do? What is your diet as well?
I told her it was non-existent.

If you count half effort sit ups while your feet are perched on the desk trying to reach for the keyboard on the desk then yes.
Lifting heavy boxes.
Not working at a fast food joint.
Drinking coffee and forgetting to eat at times.


=Weak Watery Sauce

I've gotten this just for fond memories and also there is a local dinner that uses this. It is really weak I can drink 5 shots of this and it is not robust at all. It's pretty weak and if your drinking it with a mocha flavor its like hot chocolate tastes stronger then this stuff. I think its like the kiddy pool of espresso. Wade and tread in it lightly but one cannot deep dive in it.

Cafe' Bustelo
=Medium Strength Gets the Job done.
It's cost effective and comes in a huge container.  Also doubles as regular coffee. Kind of mild but a medium roast. Gives a slight kick gets the creative machine started.

=Strong **** 

If you have a low tolerance for coffee you cannot drink this it'll taste like poison. It has a strong rich flavor. And will motivate. Say goodbye to sleep if you drink it at night like me. My four shot espresso drinks get reduced to 3-2 with this stuff. Also it is about $15 a can or $25 for 2. If I don't share the 2 cans can barely stretch for a month.

It's something you don't think about until you think about and it is brought to your attention.
-Random fact: If you normally make coffee from pre-ground beans then it is not as strong as if you freshly grind the beans before use.

& so begins

I'm not the only one. You know its bad when you see the 
sunrise and haven't gone to bed yet.

A friend said once you are worse hyper on sugar and caffeine than when you are intoxicated.
Way before the other statement was made a relative said you don't have any friends when you drink coffee. I used to believe that...But now I have friends who we will just yap and drink coffee. This post was brought to you by a random instant message conversation in the middle of the night.

Singing words passionately wrong. 
So I have to listen to something at least 30 times to get the gist of what one is saying.

Here we are in containers, avocado a potato. 
It's another runner in the night. I don't think your ready for fishy jelly. 

They have another video with Misheard 2014 which it's not as funny I think and also I never heard the real version of the 2014 parodied songs.


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