#50!!!! & Video Intro & Pencil layout

I feel honored and delighted to say. This is the 50th post of Musings and Quips of an Artist!!!
Thank you thank you. Thank you so much. We've come a long way from being non-nonsensical to sensible.

Like I mentioned i'm grateful. Enjoy this short video.

A little face time...
So sorry with the  Cool Kids references. My friend and I were eating at a restaurant and this song came on. She asked me some question and I don't remember what it was but I was like "I'm not the cool kids be like the cool kids." So we jammed out to this song earlier this week when I made the video.

My sketch arrangement. 
I'm a sucker for kawaii things.... I think my rabbit bear bunny bag is so cute. 0////0
I have more cute and some plain pencil cases as well..

Here are the pencils I use commonly.

I use water soluble graphite. Its slick, smooth and has some grain to it but add water and it seems like a ink wash or watercolor pencil. 

Col-erase pencils are pretty cool. I use whatever color that seens pleasing at the time. They are smooth creamy. kind of Generally the greens and light blues, and non-photo blue.

Mechanical pencils - 0.5mm lead I like making thin lines and  I have some 0.7mm lead that I don't use as much.

Draughting pencil- because its light sleek and smooth. I'm always told I draw too light. 

2mm leads. Long generally long graphite sticks that last a while.  The holders are really comfortable in gripping. 

Thank you so much once again and let's make more milestones!


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