In Spite of! & E3!

Hihi almost been a month. :X   Had the stomach flu which I hadn't had over ten years! Nasty. And then fatigue set in ouch. Some lessons have to be learned when your down and being kicked. Puts a different perspective on alot of things.   Soooo

"Despite of everything I shall rise again, I will take up my pencil which I have forsaken in my great discouragement and I will go on with my drawing." -Vincent Van Gogh

Been thinking of Van Gogh lately and this book which I haven't had a chance to add to my collection of books. Seems real beautiful. Love Van Gogh. Some parts of his brain worked and well some of the other parts fell apart. The vibrant color that demands to be seen but on the other hand touches your soul oh so gently.

Sketches and Painting before the blowout. About a month ago. Yikes!

The man with the Golden Helmet.

My mentor encouraged me to do Rembrant studies. I've done a few which I'm embarrassed to even show.  I've done the sketch just need to do some tweaks and then add color. At first I was nervous but now I think I'm ready to tackle this beast again.

Also worked on this one the Young Rembrant Aged 23 before the other. Messed up the copy I had need to fix it up.

Portrait Painting of Steve Wiard

about less than 2hrs. Its 5x7 Hand-sized

25 minute figure drawing poses. The last two just some quick scribbles same pose.



E3 was this week and after a stellar last year it fell flat this year with so many rehashes it was pathetic. New IP was scare and some of the newer ones did not seem appealing just game studios coming out with similar things across the board.

When people ask me what E3 is I just its like Christmas in June for gamers. New releases teasers and thrills.

Nothing caught my eye sadly yet I suppose. Except U4 which I'm not sure if it will be good despite Creative Directer and Writer Amy Henning leaving Naughty Dog earlier this year. };

My theory is that it probaly relates to U2 somehow. Among thieves and This one happens to be called A Thief's end. How Quaint. I smell conspiracy.

I've been addicted to the game Watchdogs. It's AWWWWEEEsome despite what the reviews say. I really fantastic. Normally it takes me a week or two to beat a game pacing myself. But I have been playing for about  2 going on 3 weeks and I'm about halfway through the game which hasn't happened in a long time. And I'm doing most of the side missions. Which is rare I'm engaged for that long period of time.

Anyway the soundtrack is just as fantastic. Been collecting most of the soundtrack. I own the OST but the songs on the radio playlist is diverse. And i'm glad I've been introduced to some new tracks which I never would have crossed on my own.

The Watchdogs multiplayer is interesting. Invading other people's game. Stealing data and taking off. Or defending your territory.
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