Speed Paints!

Non-text book information dictionary definition of speed painting is giving yourself a time limit and seeing how much can get done in a short amount of time.

So I starting doing speed paints while watching Dexter which is now officially my #1 favorite show.  Started it half a week ago. <3 Sorry Walking Dead I lost total interest awhile back. You've became a soap opera with zombies in it..liked it better when it had the feel of a hopeless horror suspense movie. Sorry Breaking Bad its brilliant but I predicted the ending.

But I'm a huge fan of dark psychological thrillers and dry humor and I guess blood & gore. Good believable acting. Can never find anything I like for myself. This has it all. Just finished season II and WOW its seriously awesome.

Anyways For now all the references I've been painting from are my photos that I've taken. Nice to revisit places you've been from painting them! Being able to experience and remember the lighting situations is priceless. Nice to catalog that into the visual library.

Speed Paint #1
Geary street near mason on the edge of the Tenderloin district Time 2:45 hrs

Speed Paint #2
Dolores Park: Time 2:30 hrs

Speed Paint #3 WIP 15mins so far...and #4 Have it picked out but haven't started.
Geary street near Japan town stop


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