New Years Again & Flashback

Its New Years again time to make a resolution. Noooottt! 
Nah its the same as last years resolution as well as the year before and yada yada. Not to make one. Why wait till the end of the year to become a better person? Looking back at this year its been interesting and certainly unpredictable. Broke out of my usual routine. Got out of a rut. Learned to relax and chill from time to time and not always work on stuff.  According to one of my friends being more of a "socialite." Oh well. This year will definitely probably be as interesting. My art will definitely improve.   

Sketch based off  the song Ana Molly by Incubus

State of mind. I am alive I guess? Title and theme for this one.

fanart of Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy

Was watching Feng Zhu and his youtube channel FZD design school. Episode 61 Design Reboot. What he did fascinated me. Feng took a screenshot of an old game called Flashback I think. A game he played when he was younger and gave it a modern look like he was doing a remake. This got me going. What if I went back and re-imagined old Sega Genesis games that originally inspired me way back in the day. 

So at the moment I choose Streets of Rage. 

And giving more life to a character named Blaze doing her iconic Judo flip. 

Real hyped that my two favorite hip hop groups will be dropping tracks this coming year! They've been laying low for awhile now and its a pleasant surprise being spoiled with teasers. Sweet. Can't wait for the Solillaquists of Sound's Fourth Wall pt. 2 Been hooked on them since 2009 when I first heard As if we existed.


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