Hiatus Update

Sorry about the unexpected hiatus!

 Hello I've been taking time off because I had an injury back in March. I am still not 100% better and have not recovered my full strength back yet. I have been doing physical therapy and someone warned me that when you do start the therapy it is almost like getting re-injured again with the pain you feel reactivating muscles! At times some of my bones get misplaced which feel awkward!

I am not feeling pain daily anymore and it helps with all of the unknowns becoming known.
It was a struggle at first mentally and physically it is demoralizing for an artist to be out in one of their arms. I learned how to be ambidextrous in case something like that ever happened but I was not mentally prepared for it.

Also I have been away from blogging and computer. I've been enjoying life and many things and experiences.

Last week I had this treatment done and I couldn't move for almost the whole week! 
To think that was last week.

So actually I got a new camera back in March but was not able to use it! It would hurt to do a lifting motion and I would use it very sparingly.

 The model I have is the Sony cybershot hx300. It shoots at a extremely high resolution The zoom is fantastic. Makes my job easy for photographing artwork and when I did the book review.

I attended a wedding last week
Originally the bride requested I be the photographer. Which was a honor but fortunately they thought about my condition and asked someone else who takes spectacular pictures and it is quite humble. It was interesting how friends and strangers can talk about life experience and have almost an instant bond and comradery. I knew the bride for the last couple of years. She deserves to be happy after going through so much and not letting the struggle show.

I took that

Or even kicking back and having bison burgers with friends and playing mortal kombat. Got got my butt kicked at first but then became undefeated later. I ate some humble pie but then ascended to my throne. I know I own when I beat someone at their game or use the weakest weapon. My friend likes to uses Cyber Cyrax. And another person had luck with the ugliest characters in the game. I'm a total Sub Zero fan. Scorpion is overrated...

One thing I am passionate about is Astronomy and Nephology. 
I am not pro but know a great deal for a hobbyist.

Last week for the first time in about 60,000  years Mars has been the closet to Earth and will remain so until June 12th.  If you thought and was suspicious of this giant red star. Well that was Mars. With atmospheric interference, green house effect, yada yada it looks like a star, unless you have a telescope you cannot see all of the details. I heard you can see the polar ice caps in great detail! Also Saturn is visible and can be mistaken as a white star. Jupiter is also visible!

One can see Mercury at sunset, it is difficult to find and see with the sun getting in the way.

Summer is an exciting time for star gazers because on  a clear night you can actually see part of the spiral of the milky way galaxy which is awesome. It beats being severely cold waiting for winter constellations.

The next camera I will get will be specifically for night shots. All the cameras I have owned their weakness is night time shooting. I really want to take pictures of moon craters and go to a place where one can see the stars un-hindered with complete visibility. 
Back in school one assignment was taking pictures of moon craters. 
(This was after some time I took pictures of the Mars Lunar eclipse.) 
I didn't win but I won style points for presentation. 
One girl was actually able to do it. 
It was amazing.
The huge dot on the right is Mars.

I was testing the zoom on my new camera and this was actually the neighboring apartment complex.

In all the places I have lived in the last several years except my last apartment, doves lived and had nests in the neighborhoods I lived in. I think there is something spiritual about that. I saw one at my neighbors roof, it is a good more than 100 ft away.  I took this from my living room window and I hope nobody saw me because they would think I am a creeper!

Sorry Prince if you ever heard doves cry it is annoying and not so catchy. 

I will definitely get back on a regular release schedule!
Thank you for all the support. 
I am encouraged to paint again. 
After not being motivated or inspired. 

I hope to encourage and motivate your drawing or whatever craft you do!

Last week after not seeing my dad for awhile I went to his house. He exclaimed before I forget to show you this is the perfect song for your situation and mine!


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