The Paseo & Basic Art Show Ettique

If you are in the New Mexico area or in driving distance or have any way to get to New Mexico in the U.S You should go to the Taos Fall Art Show. You Must!

For more info:!2015-event-map/c9av

I'm like super ecstatic stoked excited almost like its Christmas or something. Its on that scale of entertainment and fun. It is not just an art show. It used to be called the Fall Arts Festival but now its really an intriguing festival!

So far when I dropped off my artwork there is a lot of fantastic art and makes me embarrassed I submitted a experimental art piece on a new series I'm working on.  :'{

Last year I was blown away by the light show installations located outside. For certain events I am selfish and I won't take my friends who complain how boring some of the art events I go to are.

Back last year I didn't know there was a change to the format of the show except it was located in several buildings. I didn't expect the light show at all. It was amazing. I looked at them like several times.

So on opening night 2014 it was a friday night I went there by myself and then changed my mind and I called my roommate who always apparently had nothing to do and had company over to tag along with me. So this year I'm trying to amass a huge group to go which I normally never do.

Some instances with art events I don't invite my artist friends because usually they'll go and be there so I'll see them there anyway.

There are a few reasons I am selfish when it comes to these events.

A long time a go when I was a Freshman in high school the french club (I wasn't in this club but by friend was) went to Cafe' Bastille and the Legion of Honor museum on a field trip. When I went to the Legion of Honor this was the first time I was exposed to fine and classical art after my desire to pursue art academically.

While I wanted to really look at the art work my friends wanted to clown around and talk about dumb stuff like which painting's subject had mustaches or what looked weird according to a 14 year old. I got serious and was upset with my friends and separated myself from the group and slowly walked around the whole museum. Around that time I just got an ipod and wandered around
listening to music and looking at art and saying wow this is what I want to do. It was a psychedelic experience. At certain times as an artist one gets into a psychedelic trance and everything zones out. I try to go to the Legion of Honor whenever I'm in San Francisco.

Another time I went to this hip hop concert and took a friend that was interested. I regretted it early into the night. My friend talked the entire time I couldn't listen to the music. So in the end we left early and while we were leaving one of the performers by the door asked, Ladies why are you leaving so early! My friend was like I have to work so early tomorrow gotta go to sleep blah blah. What I really wanted to say honestly sorry my friend is bored as f**k and doesn't like the bar menu and I am embarrassed to bring them please excuse us...

Since I was little going to my dad's concerts and gigs as a musician he advised his pet peeve when people talk when you are performing. So basically shut up and listen to music and don't be too loud.
Unless its a Backstreet Boys concert..which all my ladies went to and made a fool of ourselves. My voice was sore for 3 days from screaming too much. Good Times. Don't hate I want it that way. They actually still look hot when someone asked me aren't they like terribly old?

The peak of any Art Shows is the opening.
I have to admit that sometimes Art shows can be extremely boring at times and if someone insists I take them I will send if they really beg.

The normal routine of it is
Step 1: Wear a snazzy outfit or suit.

Step 2: Greet the host or hostess or find some of your friends around if its an open show.

Step 3: Walk around and look at the art.

Step 4: Talk to people if your art is in the show convince people to buy your stuff subtly or aggressively whatever method you want. Or simply describe why you created that piece or the title means. If you are not a participant ask these questions they lead to interesting conversations.

Step 4: Maybe eat some grapes if there are any
Revised Step 4: If there are no grapes you'll have to suck it up and find another point of interest to communicate to people. No common watering food hole and its even harder to be a wallflower.

Step 5 : Repeat step 2 re-greet (optional)  Steps 3-4

Step 6: Enjoy yourself if you haven't already!

So show up to the Fall Arts Show I was bummed last year I didn't bring my camera and just had my crappy cell phone to take pictures! Even photoshop couldn't save some of the images I took.
So bring something warm it gets cold and decent walking shoes.
I was so glad last year I didn't wear high heels. Anyone who has worn heels knows that gravel is quick sand or walking a few miles means blisters and brusies on your feet. One building is surrounded by gravel so yeah don't wear high heels.

For now all I know the locations are at some buildings on Paseo the main road downtown, Guadalupe Church Gymnasium, Kit Carsen Park, Stables Gallery and the Cornado Hall across the Bataan Hall in Taos, New Mexico. Between 5-9pm. I like to go when it gets dark.!2015-event-map/c9av

Be there or don't be there and miss out on all the fun!


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