Tomato or Tomatoe?


Sheeseh it's been awhile.
The smell of second wind.
80% Espresso 20% milk. Cappuccino
Topped with homegrown
Chocolate Mint plant leaves.
Mint is my favorite flavor.

 I've been playing too much RPG like Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.
Plugged in about 31 hours into the game in an almost 3 week span. Excellent game. :) Nowhere near finished.

But yet I have been up to a lot and yet I barely write or take photos about my adventures.
Balancing work and life and been out and about and home at the same time.

It has helped to recharge the creative batteries.
This was not what I had originally planned to write but those topics will be released at some point.

Friends and acquaintances are surprised I like plants. When some go over to my house, I have been pushed into having botanical garden tours. Whoo! tour at my apartment. Yes I practically have plants in almost every room. And have been dubbed a crazy plant lady. Can't really have dogs or pets. Really want a dog but can't at this moment. Its conflicting I go back and forth but yet I do not want to pay to replace the carpet when I move. (There is a few big stories about that issue. In the past my folks had to.) I have already accepted not getting part of my deposit back with all the holes I poked and punched into the wall with all my decorative pictures.

The work of an electric screwdriver. 
With plants I don't get in too deep engrossing conversations about them. I pretty much just like house plants.

Simply just place them where they like and give them water and watch them grow.

Natural air purifiers. Balances all the nasty stuff I work with.
I'll get into detail what I have when I do a studio tour of my place sometime whenever.
Randomness and  to name a few I have 8 orchid plants.

At times when I want to yap, or get stuck or have difficulties or need advice, one of my good friends is a professional florist. :>

The last few weeks the poor thing was leaning
on this extra mop I have.

Back in the middle of April I was in Santa Fe and I bought this tiny tomato plant. It was 3-5 inches tall. I don't remember but it was pretty small and I thought it was going to yield cherry tomatoes or something. Dead wrong. Now it is a towering 5ft plant growing close to 6ft. I am only 5' 2 and its been taller than me for quite some time. Honestly if I knew it was going to be that big I don't think I would of bought it. Too late to go back now.

The amazing thing is that it grew to be that big in it's original container. Today I transplanted it into another pot so it could have more room. I'm anxious to see how much more it'll grow. Up to the ceiling? I feel like jack and the beanstalk. One little bean thingy turned ginormous. How far will it go? Will there be an end? When will I get tomatoes? I've had several buds blossom.

The first few weeks I wasn't paying attention how quickly it was growing. I didn't notice. Put it in a sunny place and next thing I knew it was 18 inches. A foot and a half. So I got a stake for it, a curtain rung or something. Throughout the months I would show my florist friend the tomato plant and she would give me her thoughts like that is cool and such and that I really am a horticulturist and doing a lot despite not really being knowledgeable. Finally one of these times she said after it got to be bigger than my yard stick she was impressed it grew indoors because she explained they are outdoor plants and love to be outside. She didn't think it was possible to grow it indoors! And didn't want to let me down so she didn't say anything for a long time.

Yay! It is done. Almost complete. I'm not good with building stuff 
so the grate will be built another day. 

Been into like this disco funk music phase for like the few months. 
Pretty much what I have been listening to.
The time period ranges 30-40 years. 
Love the random party favor sounds


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