Hihi I decided to take a Vaacccation! If only I can say it like the Mortal Kombat announcer.
Anyway hence my disappearance of weekly updates. And also going to sleep terribly early like 10pm! After catching up on sleep and being away from Musings & Quips for a week or so it made me think of some topics I'd like to talk about. In the next few weeks or so I decided to do maybe a 3-5 part blog about Oil Painting.

It dawned on me the struggles of starting to oil paint. How vast the topic is and some basic things one does not think about until one starts. Or if you are a master well I hope you can find some new trick or tip to your use. Knowledge is meant to be shared.

I'm skimping on information this week to write more for another. If I couldn't say thank you more than enough. I hope to share some part of the struggle and journey of a clueless a sixteen year old kid and seven years later have a better idea to execute and use the medium. I still create a war zone when I paint and can't keep myself clean when I paint and have frustrated past teachers and my mentor of why I have paint all over myself.
I don't care. I just love paint.

Thank you

My paint box its a couple feet wide and deep. It's pretty heavy.

My basic science experiments that I'll talk about soon.


Manikins are generally made of wood or wire.

What mankins represent is the human form simplified and broken down in simple shapes such as circles and squares. It makes an artist aware of proportion in figure study.

The wire Adam the Doodle's Man one can stand up on its own without a stand or a crutch. What a shame sadly I bought this while I was out of town before and it didn't survive the suitcase trip from the airplane to home. A screw popped out and he's been unable to stand up by himself since. I haven't gotten around to getting another one yet.

My collection of Manikins. I have a few more tiny ones around. 
My dog chewed off one of mine one time!

I got my first manikin when I was twelve. and then I subsequently been collecting them when I see a new model come out.

All of mine have names.
 Such as Skully(the skeleton one). Manny I, Manny II Manny III in the order I've gotten them...and all of them are Manny except for Adam the wire one and Marionette (the art S. buck grey female one) is the from the song puppet by a thousand foot krutch which I was listening to at the time. 

I got a story for all of them but that takes too much time to say them all.

I have a plaster cast named Morpehus reminds me of and looks like Lawrence Fishburne hence the name.

Morpehus was given to me and it's a pretty cool story actually I think.
My sister was out of state traveling and was in Seattle with her fiance'. They went to dickblick  (a chain of art stores in the U.S) called me and asked me what I wanted. Besides some of the stuff I wanted to try, liked, or wanted to restock I requested a manikin something different from what I already had. She was like I don't know what you have. I sent her a picture of what I had. And since there wasn't a new kind of manikin they got me this plaster cast.

Magnetic mankins are the best!! They are my favorite in flexibility because they do not have 
a iron rod inhibiting it's movement.

Art S. Buck Anatomical models

haha! Made you look. 
Saw this the other day and thought it was great. 

I grew up listening to Sade. Some of her songs I would sing it without knowing the meaning until I got older. 


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